Beginners Knit Blanket Scarf with a Twist

So this year started out on a hectic note: I moved into a new home and had surgery within the space of a month. Whenever I am stressed or busy I like to have a “not too much attention needed” project on hand and this led to me creating this scarf.

This is an incredibly simple beginners pattern encompassing only the Garter stitch, the first stitch any knitter learns, and a simple slip stitch. For this project I wanted to amend my basic knitted scarf pattern to create a straight edge with a chain similar to some of my crochet scarfs. In the process of finding the perfect edge for this project I tried and tested dozens of methods, slipping, purling, simply keeping the yarn tight but it is the method below which seemed to fit perfectly. The scarf is also extra wide so creates a blanket feel to keep you warm and cosy.

The slip stitch of this project is on the first stitch of the rows only. This stitch is slipped from the back loop with the yarn in front, all other stitches are knitted as normal. All rows are the same.

The yarn I am using is King Cole Authentic Chunky Cotton Mix in Raspberry, this is a super soft 50% cotton and 50% Acrylic yarn.

Total time to knit: 13 hours

Difficulty: Easy/ Beginner

What you’ll need:

  • 660 yards (600 meters) or 4 x 100g of medium thickness yarn. This time I’m using King Cole Chunky Cotton Mix in Raspberry.
  • US Size 11 (8mm) Knitting needles.

The Slip Stitch

This stitch only need be done at the beginning of each and every row. 

Step 1: Insert your needle into the back loop of the first stitch.

Step 2: Slip the first stitch over onto your needle, with yarn in front.

Step 3: Bring your yarn to the back of of your needle.

The Pattern

Cast on 38 stitches using a long tail cast on.

Row 1 (and all other rows): Slip the first stitch through the back loop, Knit all remaining 37 stitches.

Repeat Row 1 until piece measures approximately 80-90 inches.

Cast off and weave in all ends.

This is definitely one of my favourite knitted scarfs I’ve made so far.


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Happy Making!



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