Blue Steel Chunky Beanie

This is the matching beanie for my Blue Steel scarf – pattern here.

This pattern uses a soft and chunky yarn from the Women’s Institute collection making it squishy and warm for the winter months. The yarn is a blend of 70% acrylic and 30% merino wool.

What you’ll need:

  • 220 meters or 2 x chunky weight yarn. For this project I used Women’s Institute Soft and Chunky Yarn in Navy from my local Hobbycraft – available here
  • US Size 11 (8mm) 16″ circular knitting needles.
  • US 11 (8mm) Double Pointed Knitting needles (optional)
  • Stitch marker
  • Large Pom Pom maker
  • Large sewing needle
  • Scissors


  • K – Knit
  • P – Purl
  • K2tog – Knit two stitches together
  • * – Repeat sequence


Approximate time to knit this beanie: 2-3 hours.

Difficulty: Easy/ Beginner

Gauge: 11 stitches and 16 rows = 4 inches with 8mm knitting needles

Fits 19”-23” head circumference

This pattern uses a long tail cast on.

The Pattern

Using 8mm circular needle cast on 56 stitches using long tail cast on method.

Join in the round, being careful not to twist your stitches and place marker to mark the start/ end of each round.


*K2, P2 repeat from * to end

Repeat for every round until brim measures 2 inches for single ribbing or 4 inches for a folded over brim.

Main body:

Round 1: K around

Round 2: *K1, P1 repeat from * to end

Repeat rounds 1-2 until you reach 7 inches for the main body (9 inches with normal brim or 11 inches with folded brim)


The decrease on this beanie creates a ‘gathered’ or ‘slouchy’ finish.

(Note: at this point I transferred my stitches to four DPN’s)

Round 1: *K2, K2tog repeat from * to end (42)

Round 2: *K1, K2tog repeat from * to end (28)

Round 3: *K2tog around repeat from * to end (14)

You will have 14 stitches left on your needles.

Thread the yarn through the remaining 14 stitches on the needle and back though the first stitch. Pull tight and drawstring close. Tie in a knot and weave in all ends.


Using a large size pom-pom maker make one pom-pom and sew to the top of your beanie to finish.

If you make your own beanie with this pattern, I would love to see it! You can share your photos on my Facebook page, tag me on Twitter (@zocreates) or Instagram (@zoe.creates) and you can use the hashtag #zoecreates.

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Happy Making!


4 thoughts on “Blue Steel Chunky Beanie

  1. Hi Zoe, I don’t have circular or double pointed needles, can this be made with straight needles? I am not an experienced knitter!
    Regards Margie

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